As a freelancer, it is my mission to use my words to tell your story, to elevate your brand, to deliver your message.


Grant Writing

A freelance grant writer can focus on the details of crafting your grant proposals, allowing you to remain laser focused on the programs and services that are changing lives among the individuals you serve.
Member, Grant Professionals Association

Copywriting/Content Writing

A freelancer can elevate your brand through compelling social media content, email marketing, or press releases that attract new customers, delight and retain current customers, and include a call to action that yields results.


A ghostwriter can tell your story, deliver your message, or share your work from your point of view, in your voice, and in your name. When you have the story, the message, the work but not the words to communicate it to a broader audience, a ghostwriter can stitch it all together seamlessly for you.

Training Development & Delivery

Have you identified a gap in skills, education or service in your business? You might not need to add a full training department to your business, but a little assist from time to time could make the difference. I can design and deliver training sessions, both in person and via virtual platforms, that can yield immediate results and return on investment.

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