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We all have things we are good at. Areas in which we are gifted. Skills at which we excel.

Let me put my skills, my gifts, my areas of expertise to work for you.

Gains and Losses: A Life in Balance

Like many of you, my 2020 was filled with ups and downs, struggles and blessings, gains and losses.  I have been reflecting on how those gains and losses contributed to me being where I am this very moment. I’m grateful for the good space I’m occupying right now and hope that I can, in some…

Ever an Applicant

I don’t think it occurred to me until I was a few months into freelancing that I was turning into a perpetual applicant.  I realized from the start that as a grant writer, I’d be in the applicant role while seeking funding for the organizations I was representing.  But it caught me a bit by…

Words of Affirmation

Hardly anything thrills my heart more than cheering someone on.  As an elementary school teacher for over a dozen years, watching my students learn, grow, discover, and delight in those discoveries brought me indescribable joy. Later, as a Territory Manager for a global wellness company, I found that same joy in leading a team of…

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