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We all have things we are good at. Areas in which we are gifted. Skills at which we excel.

Let me put my skills, my gifts, my areas of expertise to work for you.

The Christmas Puzzle

On November 30, 2020, I lost my sister after a difficult and heartbreaking battle with the coronavirus. She spent her birthday and Thanksgiving in the COVID-ICU, non-responsive and on a ventilator. It seems unreal to me that she’s gone. A dozen times a day, I pick up the phone to call or text her, and everyContinue reading “The Christmas Puzzle”

Footloose and Fancy Free

I was a first-grade teacher for a dozen years, and I loved asking my students what they dreamed of being or doing when they grew up.  I delighted in their answers, and I was especially thrilled by their hopeful abandon in reaching for the stars.  In first grade, they believed they could be and doContinue reading “Footloose and Fancy Free”

Learning Seasons

I love learning.  I always have, and I hope I always will.  That’s why I’m so over-the-top giddy about the upcoming Grant Professionals Association’s Annual Conference.  As a new member, this will be my first year to attend, and the line-up of sessions available is mind-blowing.  I’ve already started participating in the on-demand sessions thatContinue reading “Learning Seasons”

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