Professional Writing Services

We all have things we are good at. Areas in which we are gifted. Skills at which we excel.

Let me put my skills, my gifts, my areas of expertise to work for you.

Doing it Justice

I am fortunate to live in a quiet little neighborhood bordered by a beautiful creek with a walking trail beside it.  The walking path runs several miles through town and connects to a couple of city parks.  It’s peaceful and lovely and one of my favorite places to walk and bike.  For years now, I’veContinue reading “Doing it Justice”

It’s All About the Message

Today I’m celebrating a completed project, submitted to the client a full 24 hours before the deadline. It was a substantial ghostwriting gig, a technical writing assignment in the health and wellness space. In the interview that landed me the contract for this book, the recruiter asked me why ghostwriting appealed to me, and twoContinue reading “It’s All About the Message”

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