Gains and Losses: A Life in Balance

Like many of you, my 2020 was filled with ups and downs, struggles and blessings, gains and losses.  I have been reflecting on how those gains and losses contributed to me being where I am this very moment. I’m grateful for the good space I’m occupying right now and hope that I can, in someContinue reading “Gains and Losses: A Life in Balance”

Words of Affirmation

Hardly anything thrills my heart more than cheering someone on.  As an elementary school teacher for over a dozen years, watching my students learn, grow, discover, and delight in those discoveries brought me indescribable joy. Later, as a Territory Manager for a global wellness company, I found that same joy in leading a team ofContinue reading “Words of Affirmation”

Learning Seasons

I love learning.  I always have, and I hope I always will.  That’s why I’m so over-the-top giddy about the upcoming Grant Professionals Association’s Annual Conference.  As a new member, this will be my first year to attend, and the line-up of sessions available is mind-blowing.  I’ve already started participating in the on-demand sessions thatContinue reading “Learning Seasons”

It’s All About the Message

Today I’m celebrating a completed project, submitted to the client a full 24 hours before the deadline. It was a substantial ghostwriting gig, a technical writing assignment in the health and wellness space. In the interview that landed me the contract for this book, the recruiter asked me why ghostwriting appealed to me, and twoContinue reading “It’s All About the Message”

Welcome to the Footloose Freelancer Blog

For this inaugural blog post, I thought it only fitting that I introduce myself and give you a little color around what you’ve just stumbled into. Hello. My name is Dena, and I’m the Footloose Freelancer. The business of hiring myself out, of using my words to tell your story, that’s brand spanking new. ButContinue reading “Welcome to the Footloose Freelancer Blog”